Ideas for Your Classroom Décor

As back to school season approaches, one of the first tasks that we start planning is classroom décor. Having gone through this process many times, here are some ideas I found to be helpful to keep in mind:

Make it welcoming. We spend a lot of time in the classroom. I like to keep comfortable and happy when I am there, and I especially want my students to feel this way, too. Some years I have opted for a classroom theme, and other years I have adopted a set of colors. Whatever you decide, just remember to make your space feel lively and inviting.

Make it simple and uncluttered. I am not an advocate of empty walls at the beginning of the school year, but I believe that whatever is on the classroom walls and shelves should have a purpose. Tidy and thoughtfully designed classrooms can help minimize distractions, increase student engagement and facilitate classroom management.

Make it theirs. Have a dedicated space to show your students' work and their accomplishments. This personal touch will make students feel valued and connected to the classroom. A sense of ownership of the classroom décor also brings a sense of belonging and a feeling of pride.

Make it meaningful and practical for you and your students. Classroom décor can help facilitate academic success. Use interactive visual aids, such as educational posters, number lines and word walls to support learning and reinforce concepts. Signs and labels can help students find their way around the classroom and reinforce vocabulary.

Make it inspiring and motivating. Surround your students with inspirational messages and motivational posters . Display quotes that encourage perseverance, kindness, and a growth mind set. Incorporate positive affirmations and encouraging words.
To help foster a little inspiration here are some free Spanish posters:



Getting your classroom ready for a new school year is an exciting project. Whatever ideas you decide to try, make sure to adapt them to fit your own style and your students' preferences.
Here is to a classroom that sparks imagination, curiosity and learning!