Activities to Practice Spanish High Frequency Words

When  selecting activities to practice high frequency words in Spanish I prefer activities that
  • provide picture cues.
  • use the words in context
  • offer students the opportunity to read the words not just write them.
 These are all things that I take into consideration when I create my products. Here are some available at my TpT store.
FLIPBOOKS I like flipbooks because they are easy to make and they provide simple, repetitive practice. Students enjoy making them and  when they are done they have actual little books that can be shared with others.

WORKSHEETS Although I am not a fan of worksheets some students need the extra practice they provide.  I feel that when students use worksheets to practice high frequency words they are actually practicing more spelling than reading so make sure they are actually reading not just writing the words.

SENTENCES. Once your students are ready to form sentences, then this  read, cut, paste and write activity will provide lots of practice.

If you also want to include some seasonal vocabulary and handwriting practice, then these products should be helpful.