Hide and seek high frequency words game

I believe that learning should be fun. If there is a way I can turn the practice of a skill into a game, that's the way we would practice it in my classroom. Today I will share a game my students enjoy. It's easy to prepare: print, laminate, cut and arrange the cards in a pocket chart.  When you are ready to play, hide one of the small cards behind a word card. The student have to 'find" the hidden card by reading the word on the card they think it is under.

For this game you would hide the fish, the polar bear or the floating ice block behind one of the penguins. The student will say "I think the fish is behind 'ella'. You turn the card over after the word has been read. Whoever 'finds' the fish gets to hide it and turn the cards next. It's an easy and fun way to practice reading high frequency words. If you would like to try it in your classroom click here to down it.